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'Blues meets Rock' is, like the name says, a bluesrock and rock program. The program arose in 1996, when Gerrit Jan Zagers and Ernst Fidom thought about founding a program which music listeners couldn't hear anywhere further on the radio. After a run-up period of some weeks we succeeded in creating a successful program. Gerrit Jan did quit after a couple of years due to problems with his health and Angela van der Kamp took over the presentation of the program. The hosting was taken over by Wim Hulsebosch when Angela decided to stop with the program. Wim Hulsebosch did the program for a couple of months with success. In march 2005 became Conny Wensink host of the show and in 2008 Gerda Jackson took over. In 2012 until now, the show is hosted by Dewy Mulder. On October the 21st 2013, Ernst Fidom (Founder of BMR) passed away, may he Rest In Peace. His friend and music buddy Marcel Esselink has taken over Ernst job since December 2013.

Listen here to a special show in remembrance of our beloved Ernst Fidom: In Memoriam Ernst Fidom

The program got a huge impact when we started getting live bands in the studio. In the beginning we started with only local bands but after a while the regional and famous Dutch bands found their way to our studio. 
The first band which performed in the program was 'The Highway Rhythm & Blues Gang'. 

Other bands / celebs we we had in the program: Francis Rossi (Status Quo), 1-voud, 2Q2 Get, A.A. & the Doctors, A.B. Bluesband, Absorbed, Alleygators (België), Band zonder Banaan, Bastardize, Billy The Kid, Bintangs, Blind Rose, Blazt, Blues Authority, Bluesline, Boh Foi Toch, Joe Bonamassa, Boswachters, Brainbox, Danny Bryant (Danny Bryant's RedEye band), Bullfrog Taste Express, Cadillac Ranch, Catstones, Chelson Wells, Collywobbles, Stoney Curtis, Daisy's Dukes, Mike Donkers (Mike & the Mellotones), Drownfall, Dutch Eagles, Elmo, Emerald, Elise, Fade Away, FatMouth, Flavium, Fortunate Sons, Frankenstein, Jeanne French, Gea Gijsbertsen, Gram's Hill, Jos Groen (1st Avenue), Ruben Hoeke, Mick Hup (Black Top), I.N.R.I., Ja Dat Zal, Jaded Sun (Ierland), Dagomar Jansen (Bintangs), Jarvis Perception, Jesus Volt (Frankrijk), Johnny Handsome, Ralph de Jongh, Juke Joints, B.B. King, King Mo, Kingsnakes, Hans Klerken (Bullfrog Blues machine), Ton van der Kley (Flight 505), Kris Pohlmann Band, Link, Livin' Stone, Barry McCabe, Eamonn McCormack, Harry Muskee (C&B), Erwin Nijhoff, Normaal, On the Cover, Orange or Red, Rob Orlemans, Ian Parker, Stephan Poppell, Professor Herbert & de Bierefluiters, Red Sky Burning, Bert Reinders, Robert Smith Bluesband, Jon Roniger, Rowwen Heze, Julian Sas, Sixpack, Stefan Schill, Tineke Schoemaker (Barrelhouse), Matt Scofield, Shadowplay, JJ Sharp (Twelve Bar Blues band), The Sheer, Innes Sibun, Dilana Smith (Caz), Sonic 69, Spitfires, Stolling Rones, Sugar Mama, Superfloor, Superfluous, Teddy Ruk Spin, Mariëlla Tirotto, the Blues Federation, Rob Tognoni, Too Slim & the Taildraggers, Too Mutz Blues band, Toon, Teun & August, Ulcerate Fester, Underdog, Veldman Brothers, Veur Disse Kear, Wang Dang, WC Experience, Jan Wijte (Bintangs) Bands which played live in our programm were: 1st Avenue, 12 Bar Blues Band, Bintangs, Blazt, Blizzard, Bluesline, Box-T, Cadillac Ranch, Cover & Blick, Cuban Heels, Daisy's Dukes, De Bierefluiters, De Zeute Dröpkes, Eliza Krijgsman Bluestrio, Gram's Hill, Greyhead, Highway Rhythm & Blues Gang, Ides of May, Instant Groovy, Ja Dat Zal, JennBBlues, Johnny Handsome, Kotte Mett'n, Lazy Daisy, Lt. & the Winedrunk Patrolmen, Mani2, Mr. Hyde, No Ceiling, Not Fade Away, Nuts, Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight, On Parole, OXX-Band, Panna, Pebbles & the BamBams, Red Sky Burning, Redford, Rel-X, Sam Dice, Séan Walsh Band, Shinbone, Six Days On The Road, Solid Jive (Belgié), Stetus Kwoo, TT-Jag, TepZeppi, Temporaries, The Alligator Express, The Blow, The Blues Kings, The Brickyard Bluesband, The Heinoos, The Marshalls, The Mellotones, The New Low, The Road Dawgz, Too Much Blues Band, Trailer Trash Tremblers, Regiotapper, Ja Dat Zal, Professor Herbert, de Bierefluiters, Willy, the Poorboys, Ysis. The Irish rock bands Boxtie, Inuendo and Franklyn Free played a few acoustic songs and the rockband V-Male from Limburg was here for a performance. E-Norm came to us for a acoustic performance either. Last but not less we had in the Studio the band Underdog for their cd-presentation of the album 'Miss Understood'. For the better blues and rock music and actions of local and regional bands you've got to listen to Blues meets Rock.

Ernst Fidom

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